About us

Doorboost enables any company to do online advertising like you had your own marketing department. Without the costs.

It all started while working with our beautiful clients

The Doorboost Founding Team is doing Online Advertising for a combined 20 years. During that period we have noticed a variety of challenges our customers were facing. As successful Online Advertising requires a lot of manual work for setting up, measuring and adjusting campaigns, you either have the money for professional software tools or you need to spend a lot of your time on it.


So we thought to ourselves: Why not building a tool that empowers any business to do Online Advertising like a Professional?


DOORBOOST is based on an algorithm, that will automate the setup, analysis and adjustment of your ads with only one click. Thanks to that, Doorboost is intelligently shifting your Marketing Budget on the best-performing ads and is closing underperformer automatically. Additionally, Doorboost is giving you the best prices for your ad.

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We are currently running Offices in New York and Munich. This allows us to be somewhere near you!

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